NextGen API Gateway

Secure and manage your APIs with next generation API gateway and unlock full power of API flow orchestrations

Policies you need for APIs
Visual Flow Development
Relate data between Policies
In-Built Load Balancer
Condition based Routing
View important API metrics
Deploy Anywhere

Policies for Security, Traffic and Transformations

Experience the power of "Next Generation" API Gateway with a collection of policies that you need to manage APIs. The policies include Security (Basic Auth, XML Threat handling, JSON Threat handling, RegEx threat handing, IP Access Control, OAuth2, SAML tokens, JWT Tokens etc), Traffic Managemet (Spike Control, Quota Management, Cache Management etc) and Transformation (JSON, XML, XSLT, SOAP etc.)

Visual Flow Development

Develop Request and Respnse Flows with an easy to use Web User Interface and visualize effectively how the policies combination is going to behave and how polices affect each other. Debug the flows from the user interface to check the data passed, generated within the flow from various polices and improve your API flows. Develop conditional flows that route based not only on the data coming as part of request but also the data that is generated within the flow.

"No Code" Portal Builder

Create and manage Developer Portal with an intuitive "drag and drop" user interface to create the portal user interface. Style and create branding for the developer portal the way you like it without the need to write code. The tasks to manage users and accesses, browsing and subscription of API products, registering developer apps and managing subscriptions is made easy with Portal Builder.

Relate Data between Policies

Use a simple "drag and drop" interface to view and build data mappings that lets you use the data from the request parts (headers, parameters and body), data that is generated within the flow while execution of policies. All the data from incoming request or from policies can be used to make decisions or build data mappings directly or after applying any logic using simple or complex expressions using in-built functions.

In-Built Load Balancer

Balance and manage the load to the backend target APIs with simple configuration of load balanced URLs as part of the flow. Multiple target URLs for each flow can be configured in the flow and can be used for routing a percentage part of the traffic to each of the URL. Works in combination of "circuit breaker" functionality to ensure that the requests are responded with "healthy" targets.

Condition Based, Multi-Target Routing

Route requests to one of multiple targets based on conditions. The conditions can be built with data coming as part of the request or the data that is generated by various policies within the flow. The conditional targets can be used to route request to different versions of same target API or entirely different targets.

API Analytics

View various metrics for the APIs such as the usage and performance of the API gateway or the target APIs, the combination of response codes, combinations of the generated errors, developer activity, device types and so on.

In-built Circuit Breaker

Safeguard your backend APIs with the in-built Circuit Breaker Mechanism. Configure the circuit breaker parameters, duration, error message etc and the circuit breaker is activated to make your backend targets safe from piling up requests.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I cannot find the inforamtion I am looking for. How can I get it?

Please contact us via clicking on "Contact" on the top menu of the page. Alternatively you can write us at "" and we will be happy to provide you information you are looking for.

Question: Can I try API Gateway without being charged?

Yes, you can click on "Free Trial" button on the top menu of this page and give us brief information if you would like to try this. The trial version of API Flow Manager is then configured for you and is available for 15 days without any charges or need of a credit card.

Question: Can I use the API Gateway with other software I already have?

Yes, the API Gateway can be used to route requests to REST APIs or SOAP services that are exposed on HTTP/HTTPs. However the Portal Builder, API Insights and API Products Manager can be used only with API Gateway.

Question: Can I use API Gateway as on-premise software?

Yes, the API Gateway is available to be deployed and run from our SaaS infrastructure, any cloud infrastructure and be deployed and run on-premise.
The on-premise deployment is availble for enterprise customers only.

Question: What are the pricing plans for API Gateway

We have various pricing plans available for API Flow Manager set of products as SaaS, on cloud and on-premise that suit for diffrent use cases. Please contact us to know more.

Question: What Is Syvizo Flow Manager?

Syvizo API Gateay is a set of product components that are part of API Flow Management.
- API Flow Manager is the web based flow development environment and API Gateway Engine runtime.
- API Portal Builder is web based "No Code" user interface to create user interface for Developer Portal.
- API Insights is a set of API Analytics Dashboards for API runtime data such as performance, error composition, traffic, usage, developer activity etc.
- API Product Manager is web based user interface to create and manage API products for API Portal Developer.

Question: Why is Syvizo API Gateway Next Generation?

The Syvizo API Gateway is Next Generation of API Gateway. It has all the features of an API Gateway plus:
- Out-of-box Load/Balancing and Fault Tolerance.
- Can route messages to multiple targets based on message content, header, parameters or even dynamic expression.
- Out-of-box configurable Circut Breaker mechanism.
- Allow Using data generated within API flow for expressions and routing.
- Easy drag and drop mapping for data even for complex expressions.