Develop Open Source with No Code

Develop APIs and integrations using "No Code/Low Code" Open Studio and generate Open Source Code!

Supercharge your Open Source Strategy!

Best of both worlds, use "no-code" Open Studio for faster development and get open source code to run without license cost

No Code/Low Code Development

Develop with an easy to use web based user interface. Transform message data between various formats, implement business logic and build expressions, conditions and data mappings with "drag and drop" of data fields. Use data and in-built expression manipulation functions to handle data. Use technology and application connectors to get and send data.

Generate Complete Open Source Code Projects

The Open Studio generates Open Source code for the integration scenario developed using the web user interface. The generated code is complete and compilable project that can be deployed to any supported environment or can be used to modified if needed. The code can be saved to git repository from the UI or deployed to the environment via "Open Runtime" to manage your runtime efficiently.

Develop Any integration Scenario

Develop any integration scenario with Open Studio such as REST APIs, SOAP and Services, Message Construction, Message Routing, Message Transformation, Message Aggregation and splitting, Scatter-Gather, Content based routing, Content Enriching, Filtering, Sequencing and so on. It also support various technology connectors (File, FTP, JMS, JDBC, TCP, RMI, Mail, HTTP etc) and many application connectors.

Huge Cost Savings

Save on license costs to run your integration applications by using running generated open source code. Save on development costs by using "No Code/Low Code" based development that generates consistent code with high quality. This makes development, review, maintenance of code much efficient.

Integration with DevOps

Integrate with your DevOps/DevSecOps process via Open Studio and check-in the code and configurations directly from Open Studio user interface to Git repository. The Syvizo API Validator component can be used to create and run regression test sets from your DevOps pipeline.

Secure Development

The common errors in development are avoided at development time since Open Studio gives errors for data type mismatches, unknown variables, unavailable fields, collection index type errors. For the passwords and other private data security, "Secrets Manager" component from Syvizo platform can be used.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: I cannot find the inforamtion I am looking for. How can I get it?

Please contact us via clicking on "Contact" on the top menu of the page. Alternatively you can write us at "" and we will be happy to provide you information you are looking for.

Question: Are connectors for Social Media and Business Appliations?

Yes, Connectors are available for Social Media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, X, X Search, X Timeline, X Direct
- There are connectors for various business applications and the list is growing.

Question: Are connectors for Data Sources and Messaging available?

Yes, connectors are available for various data sources adn technology messaging:
- Connectors are available for various data sources such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, ArrangoDB etc.
- Connectors are available for Technology messaging such as ActiveMQ, AMQP, Kafka, Pulsar, Quartz, MQTT etc.

Question: How can I run the projects I create with Open Studio?

The projects generated from Open Studio are Open Source projects and can be managed and run like any other open source projects.

Question: Are connectors for different Cloud Platforms available?

Yes, connectors are available for Cloud Platforms:
- AWS tools and services such as Athena, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, S3, EC2, ECS EKS, EventsBridge, IAM, KMS, Kinesis, Firehose, Lambda, MSK, MQ, STS, SNS, Secrets Manager, SQS, Steps Functions, Translate.
- GCP tools and services such as Big Query, Calendar, Calendar Streams, Cloud Functions, Drive, GMail, PubSub, Secret Manager, Sheets, Sheets Stream, Sheets Storage.
- Azure tools and services such as Cosmos DB, EventsHub, Key Vault, Service Bus, Storage Blob, Storage DataLake, Storage Queue.

Question: How is Open Studio different from other integration products?

Open Studio provides all the functionality compared to other integration products and more.
- It generates Open Source Code project which are complete, compilable and deployable to any supported environment.
- Provides easy user interface for data mappings not just from one field, but from multiple fields including complex expressions.
- You own the generated code and extend and manage the way you like.
- Big savings on license and maintenance fee.
- Absolutely no vendor lock-in

Question: What can I do with Open Studio?

The Syvizo Open Studio is a web based "Low Code" platform to develop APIs and Integrations.
- Develop REST APIs, SOAP Services and any other integration use cases.
- Provides connectors for various technologies and protocols such as REST, SOAP, JMS, Files, FTP, TCP, Email, JDBC, RMI etc.
- Provides connectors for various data sources, AWS services and tools, GCP services and tools, Azure services and tools
- Provides connectors for Social Media platforms
- Provides connectors for Technology messaging and Business Applications